February 8, 2016

Matcha for Weight Loss?

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Matcha for Weight Loss?


Are you ready to take your morning beverage to the next level? It may be time to replace your cup of coffee with matcha. Top nutritionists and health experts say that matcha is not just a typical green tea.  This powered form of steamed and dried green tea leaves has for centuries been used during the Japanese tea ceremonies.  As a fat burner among other numerous health benefits, matcha leaves other types of tea in its dust.


Over the past couple of years, numerous studies have been done on the weight loss ability of matcha tea. Matcha tea enables and literally supercharges your weight loss regime. This is because matcha has more than ten times nutritional value compared to any other type of tea. Drinking one cup of matcha tea is like drinking ten cups of other types of green tea.


Those people that take matcha tea not only consume just a brew of its leaves but consume the tea plant itself. This allows a significant increase in any health benefits offers by matcha tea that includes boosting of metabolism and weight loss. Matcha tea is one of the hidden superfoods that a majority of people are still trying to discover. It is referred as supercharged green tea version, and it is a product that is ideal for facilitating natural, healthy weight loss and even body building.


What are the Weight Loss and body building Capabilities of Matcha tea?


1. Thermogenesis


A research was recently conducted which showed that when someone takes a cup of green tea, there is a rise in the rate of metabolism and a subsequent burning of calories within an overnight. The increase in the level of metabolism simply means that your body has a high ability to burn off fat.


2. Metabolism and Matcha


Matcha green tea speeds up the rate of metabolism. This in return makes the body to use more calories. It keeps the body from storing excess fats. Naturally, matcha tea also suppresses the level of appetite for someone. It acts as a natural control of your level of appetite. It tells your brain that you are full after you have eaten and does not leave you wanting to over eat.


3. Lose Weight Faster


If you want to lose weight in a much faster way or you want to build your body quickly; then you should replace your regular beverages with matcha tea. The average drink found in a coffee shop contains many grams of fat and calories than you shouldn’t be drinking to achieve that perfect body. Replace other drinks and beverages you normally take and losing weight could be easier for you.


4. The Winning Combo


If you are more concerned about shading off those extra pounds, then taking matcha tea and watching what you eat and the amount you eat is what you need to succeed.


Matcha tea also contains caffeine but definitely not as much as coffee does. This is another obvious reason that makes matcha tea healthy and useful for body building and weight loss. It only contains enough to give you a little boost of energy.


Matcha Tea Benefits Raises Performance During Exercise


Another amazing aspect of matcha tea in body building is that research from clinical tests have shown that it helps athletes who focus on high-intensity workouts to speed recovery. It has been proven to undo cellular damage that is brought about by oxidative-nitrosative stress. This is just a term used to refer the internal imbalance of free antioxidants and radicals. This imbalance finally destroys the cells, preventing their repair and causes disease.


Bottom Line


Of all natural foods that are rich in antioxidants, matcha tea have some of the top-notch levels of catechins. As a result, taking matcha tea on a regular basis can significantly assist in burning fat, workout recovery and encourages strength at the cellular level. So, if you have been looking to have the power of tea maximized in your daily routine, then look no more. Just brew up and enjoy a pleasant, hot cup of high-quality matcha tea. The power to your weight loss and achieving that perfectly sculpt body may just be a cup away.

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