February 1, 2017

Hero Matcha Tea Powder – An All Natural Heath Tea from Japan

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You Are Here:, Hero Matcha, Matcha, Matcha Tea PowderHero Matcha Tea Powder – An All Natural Heath Tea from Japan
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Battling to keep your New Year resolutions because you just don’t have the energy? Finding that workout harder than you expected? Concentration skills… hey look a squirrel! What we mean to say is that we understand the difficulty in finding and maintaining motivation and energy to be the hard working, healthy, slim, super samurai that you know you are deep inside, and we also know that adding Hero Matcha Tea Powder to your routine is exactly what you need.


What is Hero Matcha Tea Powder you say? Hero Matcha is a green tea powder that has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. The tea is grown and produced in Japan and is made from whole young tea leaves and stems, ensuring both the tea and the drinker get the full dose of nutrients and health benefits this superfood has to offer. The tea undergoes a process of steaming and stemming and is eventually ground to a very fine powder where it is then stored in oxygen and light deprived conditions to enhance and retain the incredible anti-oxidant properties and vibrant color.


Matcha powdered green tea provides high levels of antioxidants, guaranteeing beautiful youthful skin and is known to have the ability to prevent a number of life-threatening diseases. Matcha is also an excellent fat burner; it can increase resting metabolic rates and provides you with the energy and endurance capabilities you need. All green tea contains caffeine, but Matcha tea has added nutrients and vitamins, like potassium, calcium, and protein- meaning you won’t need those cupboards full of supplements and vitamins! Hero Matcha has it all.


Hero Matcha is a cost-effective, natural source of energy that will aid in weight loss, combat cholesterol, improve memory and concentration and is a powerful antioxidant; it even has cancer-fighting properties! Don’t just take our word on it- the makers of Hero Matcha are so confident in their product they’ll give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied!


Hero Matcha contains essential amino acids, ensuring that you are provided with the energy you need to be alert, focused and productive, while still keeping you calm, clear and relaxed. This means that both your mind and body will be set to succeed!


Order this premium ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea Powder from Japan on Amazon Prime today. If it was good enough for the noble samurai, you know it’s going to be great for you!


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